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Screen Short Fest

The International Short Film Fesival of Kolkata

Screen Short Fest is one of the best International Short Film Festival in Kolkata, organised by Screen Short Fest Association and Nineven Entertainment LLP. Every year, in the month of January, we organize this festival for all the short film lovers of Kolkata. This festival luminates the talents of rising Short Film Makers, Film Editors, Cinematographers, Music Composers of Bengal, criticised by the renowned personalities of Kolkata Film Industry. We also showcase the finest short films, from all over the World, in front of the budding film makers of Bengal. Join us to get Awarded and celebrate the talents of film makers of the World.

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Screen Short Fest 2020

This is our fifth year

Screen Short Fest 2020 is an International Short Film Festival, running in its Fifth Year. Like the previous versions of Screen Short Fest this year also we are ready to celebrate the greatest short films of the world. There will be different categories for International Short Films and Indian Short Films with a special care for Bengali Short Films. There will be different Awards in different categories, with a care to the short film technicians also. We cover all the Five Pillers of Film Making.

The festival invites all short film makers, with their short films, in the live action and Animation genre, in any language (with English Subtitle), with in the 20 minutes duration(including the title and credits).

The festival aims to showcase the best of latest National and International Short Films of the world in front of the Film lovers of Kolkata, India.

Awards and Prizes

For International Short Films:

  1. Best International Short Film
  2. Best International Animation Short Film
All the officially selected Short films will get the Laurel of the festival, and Official Selection certificates of the festival. Winner will get an additional Winner Certificate also. To get the Winners Trophy, any of the representative of the short film team, must present in the venue.

For Indian Short Films:

  1. Best Indian Short Film
  2. Best Indian Short Film Director.
  3. For Bengali Short Films:

    1. Winner, Best Bengali Short Film
    2. 1st Runners Up, Best Bengali Short Film
    3. 2nd Runners Up, Best Bengali Short Film

    Awards for Technicians in Bengali Short Film

    1. Best Edit in Bengali Short Film
    2. Best Cinematography in Bengali Short Film
    3. Best Background Score and Music in Bengali Short Film.
    The Award Winner will get the Laurel of the Festival, the Official Selection Certificate, the Winner Certificate and also the Winners Trophy from the Festival Coordinator.

    All the Officially selected Short films will get the Laurel of the festival and also the Official Selection Certificate from the Festival Coordinator.

    If the crew member of any Officially Selected Short Films, or Winning Short Films are not present in the venue, the Winning Trophy or Memento will not be presented to the film, although we will send the soft copy of the certificates to their official email.

    Rules and Regulations


    • The film Duration of the film should be within 20 minutes.
    • The decision of the Jury will be final and no alteration will be entertained.
    • Screen Short fest 2020 does not take any type of financial commitment for the expense incurred on the correspondence by the participants. All Travel, Lodging and Boarding and other miscellaneous expenses will have to be borne by the participant himself/herself for attending the festival. No request for the same will be entertained.
    • If the Submitted Short Film is Publicly Available in any YouTube Channel or in Vimeo or in any other Public Video Platforms what so ever, the Short Film will not be Selected for the Festival.
    • Once the film submitted can’t be withdrawn in any circumstances. However festival director reserve the rights to disqualify any films on certain grounds.
    • By submitting live action short films and Animated Short Films in Screen Short Fest 2020 film makers /producers takes the whole responsibility of copyright issues of music, script and other creative and technical aspects of the film.

    Filmmakers are requested to submit the following through email at

    1. Synopsis of the Film or documentaries
    2. Crew and Cast List.
    3. Biography and Filmography of the Film Director
    4. Photograph of the Film Director
    5. Still and posters of the film in JPEG format.

    By Submitting in this festival the film makers are giving the rights to show the trailers of their short films to the festival organizer.

Reviews from Film Makers


Film Maker: Ramana
Country: India
Message: "A well organised festival, run by an enthusiastic crew, who publicize the event well"
January 2018

Laurent Rouy

Film Maker: Laurent Roy
Country: Serbia
Message: I wish the best to this great festival! Thumbs up from Serbia!!!
February 2017

Soumadeep Sen

Film Maker: Soumadeep Sen
Country: India
Message: "It was a seamless experience, hassle free!!"
February 2018

Kristine Rande

Film Maker: Kristine Rande
Country: Norway
Message: " I did not attend the festival myself, but the communication from beginning to end was really good and friendly!"
February 2017

Feel Free to Call / WhatsApp : +91 9051301083

Official Selection List 2020

All Films are In Alphabetical Order, the list is not as per the screening schedule.
Film Name Director Country Duration
And they call it Democracy Tony Thomas India 5:07 mins
Bodhon - The Awakening Tamali Ghosh India 11:48 mins
Burger Prantik Sarkar & Smrijeet Ghosh India 17:48 mins
Carry On Kyle Borg United Kingdom 9:40 mins
Dogma Omkar Modgi India 10:29 mins
Dristikone - The Perspective Lipi Das India 9:34 Mins
Droho Nilay Bhawal India 7:33 mins
Gaash : Light Danish Renzu India 14:00 Mins
GRIT Matt Thomas United Kingdom 2:03 Mins
Ichhe Alok Saha India 13:01 Mins
Inception Runa Chowdhury India 15:50 Mins
Lets Sleep Together Alexandr Yasin Russian Federation 10:10 mins
Level 13 Samir Tiwari India 12:00 mins
Pagli Mukul Vikram India 5:12 Mins
Room 462 Abhishek Bhattacharyya India 19:34 mins
Swapno Holeo Satti Rijul Bar India 17:45 Mins
Silent Ties Palash Dutta India 9:42 Mins
The Harvest Raja Rathnam India 6:36 Mins
The heritage of Martí Marcel Busian Spain 15 mins
The Wallet Saumitra Singh India 14:15 Mins
Togetherness Sreemon Das India 4:17 Mins
Transparent Delusion Haomin Peng United States 5 Mins
Total 22 Short Films has been selected out of 143 submitted films with a special focus on Indian Short Films.


Screen Short Award 2020

Awards Film Name & Director Name
Best International Short Film Film: Carry On by Kyle Borg, UK
Best International Animated Short Film Film: Togetherness by Sreemon Das, India
Best Indian Short Film Film: Level 13 by Samir Tiwari , India
Best Indian Short Film Director Director: Saumitra Singh for the film The Wallet , India
Best Bengali Short Film Film: Burger by Prantik Sarkar and Smrijeet Ghosh , India
1st Runners Up in Bengali Short Film Film: Swapno Holeo Sotti by Rijul Bar , India
2nd Runners Up in Bengali Short Film Film: Bodhon - The Awakening by Tamali Ghosh , India
Best Editing in Bengali Short Film Film: Room - 462 by Abhishek Bhattacharyya , India
Best Concept in Contemporary Reality in Bengali Short Film Film: Droho by Niloy Bhowal , India
Please check your email for Laurel and soft copies of the certificate.

The Third Year

The journey continues with the Third Year of Screen Short Fest , celebrated on 14th January, 2018. We started a new competition for the Writers also, named "Film Content Writing Competition" and this time also like the International Short Film Festival, we got very nice responses from the Writers. From this Year we started the Technician Awards for Bengali Short Films. Cinematography, Editing, Music and Sound, Acting and Best Storyline.

Banner of SSF 2017

The Fourth Year

Last year was the Fourth Year of Screen Short Fest, the Interntaional Short Film festival in Kolkata. In This version, on 25th January 2019, we organised the festival in Dr. Triguna Sen Auditorium of Jadavpur University. Like the previous version there was the "Film Content Writing Competition", but unlike the other versions, we got the opportunity to Award a Cash Prize to the Winners of Best Short Film in Bengali Language Category, and also to the winners of Film Content Writing Competition. Banner of SSF 2019


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